Looking for a swimming spot in Kuhmo? You have plenty of options, as the area boasts a whopping 1438 lakes! Whether you fancy swimming right in the city center amidst amenities or prefer a wilderness beach with nobody else around, both are possible!

Swimming spots in Kuhmo town center or within a 5-kilometer radius:

Ruukinranta – Kuhmo town’s official beach


Ruukinranta is Kuhmo city’s official swimming spot, accessible year-round. During summers, changing rooms are open to all, while in winter, you can obtain keys from the city hall or the swimming hall for a fee.

The beach is child-friendly, with a sandy bottom that gradually deepens. Near the end of the pier, the bottom becomes muddier.

Adjacent to the beach is Kuhmo-talo concert hall, a source of pride for locals. Pack your swimsuit when heading to, for instance, a chamber music concert, and afterwards, enjoy a serene evening swim!

Mattolaituri (mat washing pier) – refreshing cool waters


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Mattolaituri is perfect for those seeking genuine refreshment and aren’t afraid of dark waters.

Mattolaituri is located next to the library and Pajakkakoski rapid. The water here changes frequently due to the nearby rapids, preventing it from warming up too much. Locals of all ages love to jump from the pier into the water (at your own risk!). There are no changing rooms on-site, but you can change clothes in the library restroom.

Harakkasaari – walk to the island for a picnic and swim

Harakkasaari from a drone


For detailed directions to Harakkasaari, check out the blog post dedicated to it.

Harakkasaari is located four kilometers from the city center, right next to Hotel Kalevala.

On this sandy ridge island, you can combine swimming, hiking, and campfire cooking. The island is a nature reserve owned by Metsähallitus (Finnish Forest Administration), featuring a campfire site and an outdoor toilet.

You can reach Harakkasaari even without a boat by wading through the isthmus between the island and the mainland. When the water is at its lowest, it reaches your ankles, sometimes up to your thighs. The shores on the city side are steep, while the eastern side is gentler. You can check the bottom contours on a topographic map.

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Wilderness beaches in Kuhmo:

Lentua – paddle to the lake and find your own private beach

Kayakers and a canoe on the sandy beach at Lentua in Kuhmo
Photo: Metsähallitus/Harri Tarvainen

Lentua Lake is a dream destination on a hot day, with sandy beaches visible everywhere. With luck, you might even spot a forest reindeer basking in the sun. KoeKainuu recommends taking a boat or canoe and embarking on an island-hopping adventure! The most famous beach is Isohiekka.

Where do you park your car during the paddling trip? Timoniemi on the western side of Lentua is a good spot, while on the eastern side, there’s the Isojoki parking lot.

Get more information about Lentua from this article.

Roukonpuro – safe shallow sandy beach

Parking Note! The road is not suitable for lowered cars.

Roukonpuro Beach holds a special place in the hearts of Kuhmo residents. It’s located approximately 20 kilometers from Kuhmo’s city center. Besides a changing room, there are no services at the beach, but nearby is Syväjärvi, which has a summer café, campfire sites, and cottages.

This wilderness beach is great for families, as the water is very shallow. Children also love climbing the rock piles found along the shore. You can read more about Roukonpuro in this dedicated article.