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The mission of KoeKainuu is to provide you with the best travel tips for our beautiful province of Kainuu, known also as Arctic Lakeland. Let Kainuu surprise you!

Want to have a holiday in Kainuu, but you’re not familiar with the area?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone – that’s why this blog was created! With KoeKainuu you can find the most beautiful hiking spots, the best restaurants, the nicest hotels, and much more!

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In Kainuu it is possible to see both reindeers and wild forest reindeers!

In Kainuu it is possible to see both reindeers and wild forest reindeers. Did you see a creature with antlers, but don’t know which one was it? After reading this article you know!

Surviving the Finnish mosquito season: tips and tricks

Do you want to experience the Finnish summer, but you are not sure, how to deal with the mosquitoes? Read here everything you need to know about surviving the Finnish mosquito season!

Korpitaival offers opportunities for longer hikes in the wilderness of eastern Kuhmo

Korpitaival is a new hiking trail in Kuhmo. Read KoeKainuu’s description of this beautiful route near the eastern border!

Small cottages with glass walls and outdoor pools – the best Kainuu Arctic Lakeland accommodation for couples!

Would you like to organise a romantic surprise for your loved one? Maybe you’re even planning a proposal or just want to brighten up your day. In this article I present the most amazing special accommodations in Kainuu, which are perfect for a romantic getaway!

Looking for accommodation? KoeKainuu articles make it easier to find the right place to stay!

Looking for a romantic getaway? Here you will find perfect love nests for couples!

Well-equipped cottages in Vuokatti

Holiday apartments in Ukkohalla

Bungalows in Hiidenportti National Park

Cottages and holiday apartments in Paljakka



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