Ah, the Finnish summer – a time of long days, midnight sun, and… mosquitoes. Yes, Finland’s pristine nature comes with a downside: swarms of these pesky insects ready to ruin your outdoor adventures. But fear not, with the right preparation, you can still enjoy the beauty of Finnish summers while keeping those bloodsuckers at bay.

Are there alot of mosquitoes in Finland? How do I avoid them?

Yes, we have ton of mosquitoes in Finland. They are the most agressive during June and July, in August their amount starts to drop down.

Mosquitoes thrive in moist, wooded areas, making Finland’s forests and lakes prime breeding grounds. Keep an eye out for these buggers near water bodies, especially during dusk and dawn when they’re most active.

In towns you are going to be quite safe, the mosquitoes hates areas that are covered with asphalt. Also on warm summer days it’s safe to go to beach, it’s too hot for mosquitoes.

Even the animals in the forest are getting annoyed of the mosquitoes. Sometimes the reindeers are hanging in the middle of the road, because there is more wind than inside the forest.

How to deal with the mosquito bites?

Let’s face it, Finland is notorious for its mosquito population, and those first few bites can feel like they’re driving you crazy with itching. Antihistamin can be useful for relieving the itch and you can take it even before you go into any mosquito-filled area. You can also find different relieving creams from pharmacies. Also putting your own spit to the itching spot gives a small relief.

After some days your organism is getting used to the bites and they won’t be itching so mad anymore.

Arm yourself: What is the best moquito repellent?

When it comes to mosquito repellents, you’ve got multiple options. Most supermarkets and pharmacies stock a variety of sprays, lotions, and patches designed to keep the bloodsuckers at bay. They are effective, but you cannot apply chemical repellent to your neck and face. (I tried to apply on my neck once, and my lymph nodes got swollen, so I don’t recommend this!)

Sometimes I have sprayed repellant on my clothes, because I don’t like it straight on my skin. Usually this is not recommened because it might ruin the clothes, but at least I have never had any problems. You can try if you dare!

Natural alternative: tar-based repellent

In Kuhmo, you’ll find a unique alternative to traditional repellents: tar mixed with vegetable oil. This chemical-free concoction provides a natural barrier against mosquitoes, perfect for those seeking a more eco-friendly solution.

It has quite strong smell, but at least I like it better than the smells of chemicals. (The smell makes me think of my grandfather’s wooden boat!) I have also applied tar repellent to my neck without problems. This product it sold with name tervaöljy = tar oil. You can buy it from Lentiira holiday village, Kaesan herkkupuoti and Rusasen Kulma.

Prallethrin evaporators and smoke – do they work?

Prallethrin evaporator devices offer another line of defense against mosquitoes, emitting a repellent vapor that creates a mosquito-free zone around you. While effective, it’s essential to use them responsibly. These devices can be harmful to bees and other beneficial insects, so avoid using them in natural habitats. Instead, opt for open terraces or stationary settings where they can be safely utilized. Keep also your pets far from these devices.

Smoke is another way of keeping the mosquitoes away. When sitting on a campfire, they won’t bother you that much. Just remember that you are not allowed to make a fire anywhere, you need the landowner’s permission. In national parks you can make fire to a designated fireplace, but even there you cannot do it if the forest fire warning is on. You can check the warnings here.

From the markets you can find smoking spirals that are a bit like incence sticks. Their smoke is effective and you can use them even during the forest fire warning. Just remember to put sime kind of plate beneath it and watch that the wind won’t make it spark.

In the middle of a lake the mosquitoes won’t disturb you!

What is the best defence against mosquitoes?

When all else fails, your best defense against mosquitoes is good old-fashioned clothing. Opt for light-colored, loose-fitting garments that cover as much skin as possible. Personally, I’ve found “desert pants” paired with a loose cotton jacket to be a comfortable and effective option for keeping mosquitoes at bay. I also like to wear a light-colored cap on my head.

The hats with nets are handy but when the sun is shining low it can be bit hard to see trough them.

Your attitude will make it easier

It’s easier to deal with the mosquitoes, if you don’t think all the time, how much you hate them. Hating is not going to make them go away, instead you are going to double your own stress.

Try to accept the mosquitoes. In the end they have their place in the ecosystem and they are desperate to breed fast, before the short Finnish summer ends. To understand better the life of a mosquito, read the Wikipedia article.

So there you have it – armed with these tips, you’re ready to tackle Finland’s mosquito season like a pro. Don’t let those pesky bugs spoil your summer fun – get out there and enjoy all that Finland has to offer!

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