Cover photo by Esko Kinnunen

Lentuankoski is one of Kuhmo’s most popular nature spots, and for a good reason. At Lentuankoski, you can admire nature’s splendour at close range, without a long hike. You can take the whole family to this great destination. Part of the route is also wheelchair accessible.

The upper side of the Lentuankoski in summer. Photo by Esko Kinnunen

What is Lentuankoski?

Lentuankoski is the largest of Kuhmo’s more than 200 rapids. It is one of Kuhmo’s most popular nature spots and is visited by hikers, photographers and fishermen.

How to find Lentuankoski?

Leave Kuhmo city centre towards Lentiira. After about ten kilometres, you will see a sign pointing towards the rapids. Turn left onto road named Lentuankoskentie. At the end of this road you will find the Lentuankoski campsite, which is located next to a smaller rapid. To get to see the largest rapid, after 3.5 km turn to Niska-ahontie and drive to the end of the road. The distance from Kuhmo city centre is 14 kilometres.

Note! Sometimes Google maps may try to guide you to the wrong side of the rapid. Make sure your route ends on the east side of the rapids, as all the trails and the lodge are located there.

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Three people walking on the duckboard next to Lentuankoski
Flooding of Lentuanoski
The rapid is most powerful during the spring floods. Photo by Esko Kinnunen

History of Lentuanoski

Along the Lentuankoski, the waters flow down from Kuhmo’s largest lake, Lentuajärvi, to Lammasjärvi lake. The rapid has been an important passage route in the past. Evidence of Stone Age settlements has been found at Lentuajärvi. I wonder if the people of that time were also sliding down the rapids to reach new hunting and trading grounds?

Lentuankoski was a transport route for a long time. It was one of the largest rapids that the Tar Scouts encountered on their way to Oulu. Tar boat trips were dangerous journeys and it was particularly difficult to get the boats back upstream. That’s why the biggest rapids were built with duckboards that are also called Möljä.

Möljä = A stone dock built along the shore, along which you could walk and pull a boat upstream.

Lue lisää möljistä Lähtisitkö? -blogista.

Lentuanoski from above
You can see the Möljä well from a small plane.

The logs also flowed easily through the rapids and the duckboards were offering a helpful observation spot for the workers. There have been Möljäs elsewhere in the Oulu River basin, but most of them have been submerged or left on dry land by the construction of dams. Of the 200 rapids in Kuhmo, only one has a dam! As a result, you can still see and walk on Möljä.

The rapid is part of the Lentua Nature Reserve, which was established in 1990 and is part of the Friendship Park. The area was once even considered a national park and is still sometimes proposed to be turned into a national park today.

Lentuankoski is one of Kuhmo’s most beautiful hiking spots

From the trails of Lentuankoski area, you can plan hikes of varying lengths for walkers of different abilities.

You can admire the rapids from a close distance. You can then continue your walk into the forest, the path leads to a commercial campsite in a beautiful location.

Route idea: from the campsite to Kallioniemi and back

Autumn colours landscape in Kallioniemi

The Lentua trail is not sufficient for long hikes, but it is possible to hike about eight kilometres. Start with from the campsite, walk to the big Lentuankoski, continue from there the sandy road to Kallioniemi to the forest road/path. Kallioniemi hut is an excellent half way break point, after which you can take the same route back.

Note that around Kallioniemi the route can be challenging in places, due to the rocks and roots.

Person at Kallioniemi shelter

Fishing at Lentuankoski

The Lentuankoski is an excellent fishing spot. Fishermen are most interested in the big trout that have grown up in Lentuanjärvi. The rapids are also popular with grayling. Read more about fishing Fishing in Kainuu -website.

A person taking a picture of Lentuanoski in winter

Lentuanoski in winter

You can visit the lake all year round. The Niska-ahontie is cleaned in winter. The path leading to the pond is not ploughed, but there are enough visitors to make the path passable.

One of the best times to visit the rapids is when it’s freezing cold. The moisture rising from the rapids then coats the adjacent trees to make them look gorgeous. You’ll also get to admire the brave White throated dippers, which dive to the bottom of the rapids for food – regardless of the frost.

Lentuankoski and Lentuajärvi are great places to visit for viewing and photographing the northern lights.

Spend a fun winter day sledding around Lentua! KoeKainuu rents skishoes in the centre of Kuhmo.

White throated dippers at Lentuankoski

The Lentuanoski accessible route

You can also admire the rapid in a wheelchair or take your children there with a pram. From the parking lot to the big rapids there is a flat, 300 m long sandy road, wide enough for a car. When you reach the lake, you cross a small bridge and here you encounter the only steep parts of the route. The bridge in question can be seen in the foreground in the picture below.

At Lentuankoski you can also try fishing from a wheelchair. Möljä has two fishing spots for wheelchairs, one of which you can see in the picture below.

Lentuankoski during the autumn colors

The toilet next to the parking is also accessible. The toilet has wide doors and a low threshold, but no handles.

To the lodge there is no accessible path, but wheelchair access is possible by renting a wheelchair accessible kota hut next to the parking, which you can read more about in the next section.

Drone image from the upper reaches of Lentuanoski
Photo by Ilkka Mukkala/Kainuu Image Bank

Lentua shelters and the kota hut

The Välisuvanto shelter is located at the southern end of the Lentuankoski rapid. It is half a kilometre from the parking lot. You can find the second shelter in Kallioniemi.

Right next to the parking lot there is also a rentable kota hutwhere you can find good barbecue facilities. The kota can be rented From Metsähallitus 35€ per day. Please note that the hut is not intended for overnight stays. Kota is a great base for the Northern Lights because it offers a great view of the northern horizon.

The Välisuvanto shelter at Lentuankoski
The Välisuvanto lodge is also accessible in winter for walkers.

Lentuankoski is a wonderful place all year round. Welcome to fall in love with this beautiful natural destination!

Similar destination closer to the Kuhmo center: Pajakkakoski.

Also the gorgeous Harakka Island is part of the Friendship Park.