Koe Kainuu is a way for me to express myself and do things that are important to me. I want to make Kainuu Arctic Lakeland known as a great holiday destination. Responsibility is also important to me and on this page I will explain how the Koe Kainuu name is responsible.


Koe Kainuu contributes to the protection of nature in Kainuu

Have you noticed, for example, that there are far fewer great tits flying around nowadays than before? The reason for the disappearance of many species is the scarcity of old-growth forests.

One of Koe Kainuu’s most visible acts of responsibility is making an annual donation to the Natural Heritage Foundation. The Foundation uses the donation money to buy forest or wetland areas for protection. This has implications for both the climate and the biodiversity of the site. Protected areas are home to many species that would not be able to thrive in a commercial forest.

In 2021, the first donation was made to protect Puolanka Teerisuo.

The donation is 1% of the proceeds of the Koe Kainuu campaign. The income comes from advertising on the blog, the excursions I organise and the content I produce for external parties.

The first donation was made in December 2021. Kainuu is home to a wide variety of sites from the Natural Heritage Foundation, and the winner of the donation was voted on the KoeKainuu.fi Facebook page . Readers voted for the extension of the Teerisuo in Puolanka. Koe Kainuu’s donation helped to protect 650 m2 of additional marshland.

In the vote for the 2022 donation, Puolanka Teerisuo and Tulijoki received the same number of votes. The winner was chosen by lottery, and 120 m2 of ancient forest in Tulijoki, Finland, ended up being protected.

I encourage you to play your part in the fight against biodiversity loss! Donate directly Natural Heritage Foundation or use the services of KoeKainuu. 🙂

Other accountability measures


  • Blog articles encouraging people to hike responsibly, for example by reminding them of the rules of nature reserves
  • Encouraging Finnish people to spend their holiday in Finland.
  • Proposals for cooperation will only be accepted from local companies.
  • Blog posts are written on a laptop that charges with wind power

Programme services

  • Wherever possible, tools and equipment are bought second-hand or made from recycled materials
  • Domestic and ecological food containers are used for picnics ecological Kupilka products
  • The aim is to buy food from local shops and choose food that is produced as close to home as possible.
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