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Hotelli Kalevala from outside

What is Hotel Kalevala?

Hotel Kalevala is located in Kuhmo, four kilometers from the town center, on the shore of Lake Lammasjärvi.


The hotel building, inspired by the Kalevala eagle, is a protected site by the Finnish Heritage Agency. Besides its architecture, the hotel charms with its location; close to the center but still nestled in nature.

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Hotel Kalevala is ideal for relaxation and nature adventures

Hotel Kalevala welcomes everyone, including people and dogs, but it is especially popular among adults.

The hotel is an excellent base for hikers. After a day hike, it’s wonderful to relax in the sauna area, which also includes an outdoor hot tub. You can also enjoy special treatments like a peat sauna or Kalevala-style bone setting upon request. Check out the hotel’s activity selection here.

Next to the hotel, there is a frisbee golf course. The Fluent Outdoors map conveniently shows all the sports facilities in Kuhmo and the current ski track conditions in real-time!

Explore Kuhmo’s nature by renting a bike or a SUP board

You can rent various outdoor equipment from the hotel. Go cycling in Kuhmo’s ridge landscapes, or take a rowboat or SUP board and head out to the nearby Harakkasaari island.

Did you know that there is a geocache on the nearby Jauholaiva island? Will you go after it by boat or SUP board?

In winter, you can rent skis and snowshoes, among other things. There is a diverse network of ski trails next to the hotel.

See all the rental equipment here!

View of Harakkasaari from Hotel Kalevala’s terrace

Experiences at Hotel Kalevala – a couple’s summer staycation

I have plenty of experiences at Hotel Kalevala, having visited for sauna sessions and various events. This time, however, I’m sharing about a one-night summer staycation with my husband. This story is from the summer of 2021.

Check-in went smoothly, and we were informed that we could come to dinner whenever it suited us. First, of course, we headed to check out our room.

The room was a standard hotel room. The beautiful bear-patterned wallpaper caught my attention immediately. The furniture had also been updated since my last visit and looked very stylish. The window offered a beautiful view of Lake Lammasjärvi and Harakkasaari.

Hotel Kalevala review, standard room
Bear wallpaper

Hotel Kalevala’s restaurant Kanteletar

We were hungry, so we headed to dinner. Since the place wasn’t full, we got to choose our seats. Naturally, we headed to the glazed summer terrace. Could this be the restaurant in the most beautiful spot in Kuhmo?

Often, a restaurant experience reaches a whole new level if the customer service is excellent. We immediately liked our waiter Heiko’s cheerful style. He was great both with jokes, and drink recommendations.

Hotel Kalevala restaurant review – picture of a salad on the table

The starter was a salad with roasted Brie cheese. The salad also included strawberries and arugula. A great combination!

Food experiences – man, table, and plate with pike-perch, asparagus, and potatoes

The main course was pike-perch from Lake Lammasjärvi. This was certainly local food, as the lake is right next to the hotel, barely a hundred meters away. Once again, the food was very good, with special praise for the delicious sauce.

The portions were large, and neither of us could finish the pike-perch. Luckily, dessert is a separate matter! For dessert, we had lime puddings, which also tasted excellent.

Food experiences – glass with pudding

Relaxing in the sauna area and the light of a summer night

After dinner, we had the sauna area to ourselves. The facility includes two saunas, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and, upon request, an infrared sauna and herbal baths. Of course, you can also run to the lake for a swim.

The outdoor hot tub is undoubtedly the most popular. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in such a beautiful spot, enjoying the bubbles! I feared mosquitoes would ruin the experience, but there were none at all.

Indoor hot tub, herbal bath in the background.

Tip: You can access the sauna area for relaxation during public sessions even if you’re not staying at the hotel. Read more here.

After the sauna, we took a short evening walk nearby. Although Kuhmo doesn’t have the midnight sun like Lapland, the summer light here is still stunning.

View from Hotel Kalevala’s lakeside path towards Harakkasaari
Cottongrass and small pines in the summer night sun
These photos are right next to the hotel.

It was getting late, so we retired for the night. The beds felt new. The room was warm, but fortunately, it was equipped with a fan. There were no disturbing noises at all.

Breakfast with a lake view

In the morning, it was time for my favorite part of staying in hotels – breakfast.

The breakfast was a typical hotel breakfast, but the beautiful lake view made it one of my favorites. It’s so relaxing to look out over the sunny lake. A couple of goldeneye ducks swam right by the hotel, adding entertainment to the moment with their funny swimming style.

View from Hotel Kalevala’s restaurant towards the lake, breakfast items on the table

After breakfast, we checked out and continued our journey. It would have been nice to stay longer; I probably would have gone on a rowing trip.

PS: A few months after writing this article, my husband got a job at Hotel Kalevala! You might now see him at the restaurant or the reception. 🙂 🙂

Hotel Kalevala is an excellent accommodation option for travelers in Kuhmo. Its beautiful location, wonderful staff, and diverse activities make it a great vacation destination! Learn more on the hotel’s website.

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