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Where to stay near Hiidenportti National Park?

Spending the night in a national park is one of the best ways to escape the worries of everyday life. However, camping also involves a lot of discomfort, such as sweaty clothes and warming up before crawling into a sleeping bag. Many people think these things are part of camping, but it’s perfectly okay if you prefer to sleep on a thicker mattress and enjoy a sauna to clean up after a day of hiking.

Hiidenportti National Park is a very wilderness area, and there are no hotels or other accommodation options at its starting points. In practice, the accommodation options are either camping in a tent/shelter/hammock or alternatively, staying in a wilderness cabin.

What is a wilderness cabin? Wilderness cabins could be described as a cross between a cottage and a wilderness hut. They are affordable holiday cottages, which are often better equipped than wilderness huts. Wilderness cabins often come with amenities such as a rowboat, sauna, kennel, and doghouse. A wilderness cabin is always rented exclusively for your group, so you won’t have to wake up to the noise of fellow campers arriving in the middle of the night.

Wilderness cabins are not cleaned after each guest. This means you need to bring your own linens and clean up after yourself.

Who is wilderness cabin accommodation particularly suitable Ffor?

  • Hiker
  • Hunter
  • Fisher
  • Couples seeking a romantic getaway
  • Groups of friends looking for a shared experience

Who is wilderness cabin zccommodation not suitable for?

  • People in wheelchairs or with visual impairments
  • Those who are afraid of the dark, especially in autumn
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A wilderness cabin is also an excellent solution if some members of your group cannot sleep in a shelter or tent, for example, due to back pain. People with back problems can sleep indoors, while those who enjoy tent camping can set up camp in the cabin’s yard!

These three wilderness cabins are located near Hiidenportti National Park:

1. Kullaus – a cozy log cabin

Distance to Hiidenportti National Park: 8 km

This beautiful gray log cabin can accommodate 2-4 people.

The cabin offers opportunities for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; during the day, you can explore the national park, in the evening, you can wash away the day’s sweat in the heat of the wood-fired sauna and cook yourself a hearty meal over a campfire.

Reviews praise the cabin for being tidy and quickly warming up. The peaceful atmosphere of the place also receives compliments. Read more reviews here.*

Hunting and fishing

In addition to hikers, Hiidenportti is also suitable for hunters; Next to the cabin are the cabin owner’s own nearly 400 hectares of hunting grounds, as well as state hunting grounds. Permits can be obtained from the cabin owner for €30/day. You will receive the contact details when making a reservation.*

There is a narrow river next to the cabin, and a rowboat on the riverside is available for cabin guests to use. One kilometer from the cabin, Rimpisuo has another rowboat, which renters can use. Rimpisuo also offers opportunities for beaver trapping.

On the cabin’s yard, you will also find a kennel and doghouse.

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2. Talastupa – a small red cottage hiding versatile amenities

Distance to Hiidenportti National Park: 6 km

Talastupa’s two sofa beds can accommodate 2-4 people.

On the terrace of this charming little cottage, you can sit and listen to the sounds of nature or admire the starry sky, perhaps even the northern lights.

In this cabin too, you can rinse off the day’s dust in the heat of the wood-fired sauna. Cooking is easy on the gas stove or at the campfire.

Reviews praise the cabin as a functional little cabin with all the necessities. Read reviews from the cabin’s listing here.*


This cabin is also suitable as a base for hunting trips; Next to the cabin are the cabin owner’s own nearly 400 hectares of hunting grounds, as well as state hunting grounds. Permits can be obtained from the cabin owner for €30/day. You will receive the contact details when making a reservation.*

On the cabin’s yard, you will find two dog kennels and houses. However, note that very large dogs do not fit in the houses.

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3. Haaranperä – a base camp for larger groups on the shore of a lake

Distance to Hiidenportti National Park: 22 km

Location on the Google maps

Topographic map

Do you have a larger group? In that case, head to Haaranperä wilderness cabin located on the Kuhmo side.* The cabin can accommodate up to 12 people and is located in a beautiful location on the shore of Lake Haarajärvi.

On the Kaakana kottoo YouTube channel, you’ll find a good video introduction to Haaranperä wilderness cabin!

Haaranperä wilderness cabin was renovated in 2022 and receives praise* for its spaciousness, atmosphere, and the number of animals and birds visible in the surroundings.

There is no electricity in the cabin. Lighting is provided by candles, and you can store food in the root cellar. You can get water from the well, and cook food on the gas stove or at the campfire; there is no oven. The cabin is heated by a masonry fireplace and a stove.

The cabin’s equipment also takes into account small children: The cabin has a cot and a high chair.

Hunting and fishing

This cabin is also excellent for hunters and fishermen. With the included rowboat, you can go fishing on the lake. State hunting grounds are so close that you can go hunting on foot.

Small game area: 5619 South Kuhmo.

Fishing: Haarajärvi and Haarajoki Note: You can buy a net fishing license for Lake Haarajärvi for €6/net as a cabin guest. Fishing in the river is allowed with a lure fishing license on state waters across Finland (1401).

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