Aurora hunter workshops

Did you once again hear about the blazing auroras in the sky only afterward? Or perhaps you managed to see them, but when you tried to take a picture, it turned out to be a blurry mess?


These are quite typical problems for a novice aurora enthusiast, but don’t worry: Kerttu from the KoeKainuu blog is an experienced aurora photographer who has worked for years as an aurora guide in Lapland. Now she wants to share her secrets with you!

In a two-hour package, there’s plenty to cover. You’ll learn, among other things:

  • How to predict the appearance of auroras with up to ten minutes accuracy
  • Understanding the mechanism of aurora formation and “reading” auroras
  • Choosing the most beautiful photography spots and adjusting your camera settings correctly


The courses are mainly held in Kuhmo, but you can inquire if the course could be arranged elsewhere. Remote courses are also possible, more information below.

Who is the aurora workshop suitable for?


This course is suitable for anyone interested in night photography and auroras. The courses have had both experienced photographers and people who just want to watch the auroras.

You’ll get the most out of the course if you own a DSLR camera. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried your camera’s manual settings; you’ll learn them during the course! It’s also possible to take aurora photos with a smartphone, but there are significant differences between phone models.

Thank you so much, Kerttu, for the excellent course yesterday! The theoretical part was interesting, the most important camera settings were thoroughly covered, and as the highlight of the evening, we got to see the auroras above Lake KuivajĂ€rvi đŸ€©


This fun course is perfect for a weekend activity!

No one has ever fallen asleep during a tourist guide’s lecture. Things are explained in an easily understandable manner with a casual approach. Participants can interrupt and ask questions or comment at any time. As the cherry on top, you’ll hear stories about mishaps that have happened with tourists!

Order a private course for your camera club or friends!

Aurora Course + Practical Training 3 – 4 hours

We start with a two-hour theoretical session indoors, followed by outdoor practice in night photography.

With luck, we’ll get to photograph auroras; otherwise, we’ll capture the starry sky or light paintings.

This course can be held either in a rented meeting room or in the client’s own premises.

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Price: 45 – 60 €/person


Aurora workshop 2 hours

During 2 hours theory part you will learn to forecast and photograph the Northern lights. You can take your camera with you to find out, how to set the settings, but you are going to do the outdoor practice on your own, whenever it suits you.

This workshop can be made in rented space or in client’s own place, for example a holiday cabin. This workshop can be made also via Teams, you can attend from anywhere in the world!

Minimum group size: 4 persons

Price: 25 – 40 €/person

More details about the course content:

  • Where do the Auroras come from? A brief overview of space physics, explained in layman’s terms.
  • How to forecast the Auroras? Learn to read satellite data, so you’ll know when to be outside at the right time.
  • What makes a good place for aurora watching? Find the most beautiful photography spots using free online services.
  • What camera settings should be used? Let’s adjust your camera settings together to fit your needs. You’ll also learn how to set the parameters differently for different types of auroras.
  • Practicing outdoors. The course location will be chosen so that it’s possible to see auroras. After the theoretical part, we’ll move outside to try out what we’ve learned.
  • What’s it like to be an aurora guide? Amidst the flood of information, it’s fun to hear some light-hearted stories. The instructor spices up the lecture with their own true stories of mishaps.
  • Cheat sheet emailed after the course. After completing the course, you’ll receive a cheat sheet in your email, summarizing how to read the meters and camera settings.

What a great night, thanks for the workshop! I recommend this to anyone, who is even slightly interested about Auroras.