Are you ready for an adventure in Kuhmo?

Do you want to experience the nature and culture of Kuhmo with a local guide? KoeKainuu is tiny local one-woman company that offers you unforgettable experiences in Kuhmo around the year!


Hi, my name is Kerttu and I am the owner of KoeKainuu. I am born and raised on the countryside of Kuhmo. I am a professional nature guide and a photographer and I have 5 years of experience in guiding both in Kuhmo and in Lapland.

I love Finnish nature and I’m also interested in local history. I have plenty of interesting true stories and facts to tell you!

I am talkative, helpful and very humorous person. I am very open minded – anybody is welcome to my tours, no matter what is your religion, gender or sexual orientation. I’m sure that we are going to have great time together!

Scroll down and you can see all the tours I’m arranging here in Kuhmo.

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Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Life in bearlands – Introduction to Finnish lifestyle + nature tour 

3-4 hours

coffee/tea and snacks included (soup lunch + 15 €/person) | transport from Kuhmo included

2 people 149 €/person 2+ people 119 €/person

Let a local guide take you to visit her house in the middle of an area where the bears and many other wild animals are roaming!

The house is located 25 kilometers away from the center of Kuhmo, in middle of a forest where you can observe animal tracks, signs of the ice age and in the summertime berries and mushrooms. We will have a small walk in the area, or in the winter we can use skishoes. The walk is max. 4 kilometers.

After the walk we will head inside of the house, where we will enjoy some coffee/tea and snacks. The guide will tell you about interesting local lifestyle that connects traditions with modern technology. Perhaps you will learn why Finnish people are the happiest in the world!

Note! We have a cat so this tour is not suitable for allergic people.

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Photoshoot in the nature

1 hour

159 € / 8 edited photos*

You can add a photoshoot to any other tour for 69 €!

You don’t want your holiday photos to be only selfies, don’t you? Let a professional photographer take beautiful photos of you in the nature of Kuhmo!

You will get 8 edited professional quality photos to your email.

Great locations:

Pajakkakoski (river, meadow, forest)

Lauttavaara (old forest)

Lakeshores in Kalevala area (beaches, pine forest)

*Pricing per photo set, not per person. For example a couple can have a set together. If you both want 8 picures of yourself, then the price is per person. Price includes editing of the lighting, no beauty edits.

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Mythical Hiidenportti National Park

6 hours

coffee/tea and snacks on a campfire included (soup lunch + 15 €/person) | transport from Kuhmo or Vuokatti included

169 €/person min 2 people | groups bigger than 4 people must be booked one week in advance

Did you know that Finland has very wide mythology? In the old times people used to believe in spirits of the forest, goblins and other creatures.

Hiidenportti means ”goblin’s gate” and there are some interesting mythical stories related to the park. On this 6 hour hike we will see the Hiidenportti gorge, old forests and a spot that once had a wilderness farm on it.

The hike will be 5 kilometers and halway we will stop to cook some snacks on the fire. The trail has a lot of rocks and roots so wearing hiking boots is recommended. The tour is suitable for children too.

Transport from Kuhmo or Vuokatti included. The drive is about 1 hour from both towns, since Hiidenportti is located in the border of Kuhmo and Sotkamo.

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

2 nature trails

3 – 4 hours

coffee and snack on the campfire included | transport from Kuhmo center included

2 people 149 €/person 2+ people 119 €/person

Visit the beautiful nature of Kuhmo and learn a lot about nature and history on this easy tour! We will visit 2 different nature trails only 15 minutes away from the center.

First we go to Lauttavaara nature trail. Here we see an old forest where we can observe sings of the ice age, plants and perhaps even animals. The trail is 2 kilometers long.

Next we move to the Lentua rapid. This is the largest free rapid in Kainuu area and we can observe it really close from a wooden duckboard. You will learn at the same time some exiting history of using the rapids as transport route for tar. The walk is about 1,5 kilometers.

We will also go to a laavu shelter next to the rapid to make a fire. We will prepare coffee and a snack to enjoy.

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Skishoeing adventure with a lunch on an island

3 hours

139 €/person 2 people

Skishoes are short, wide skis, that are a hybrid in between a snowsnoe and a ski. They are easy to learn and with them you can explore wintery nature off path!

This tour starts from the shore of the Hotel Kalevala. We will ski on top of a frozen lake to go around 1 kilometer to the Harakkasaari island. We can explore around this island that has been formed during the ice age. You will hear alot of interesting stuff about Finnish nature and the ice age.

Then we will make a fire and prepare a light lunch with soup and bread. After soup we will have also coffee/tea.

Skishoes rental

Price: 30 €/day

Do you want to go for skishoeing intependently? Rent OAC skishoes! These skishoes are great Finnish-made quality, they don’t need any waxing and you can use them with any shoe that’s length is in between 24 to 38 cm. You will get also telescopic poles.

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Taste of Kuhmo – food experience

2 hours

92 €/person min 4 people

Transport not included, ask the price for the transport! Location

Let’s gather on a campfire next to a big lake to enjoy good food and hear stories about the history and life in Kuhmo. The guide will prepare the dinner on the fire and you can take part on the cooking if you like.

Aurora dinner: Let’s have this menu late in the evening (starting from 8 pm) and wait for possible auroras to occur! You will learn facts and myths about the northern lights and get professional photos of the evening as a souvenir!

+1 hour +49 €/person


Rönttönen, local sweet and sour treat


Smoked fish with potato puree and sour cream sauce


Berry quark with caramel sauce


Coffee, tea, water, berry juice. You can bring also your own drinks if you’s like

Vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free options available on request

Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Aurora hunting lesson

3-4 hours

60 €/person min 4 people

Are you interested in northern lights? After this workshop you will know more about them than even Finnish people! You are going to learn to forecast and photograph the auroras.


First we will have 2 hours lesson indoors. The lesson can be organized on any indoor place, for example at your hotel. You will learn mythology about the auroras. Next we will study what happens in the sun, space and earth’s magnetic field when the auroras are coming.

After this, we will study choosing great photography locations using free tools from web as help and how to set your camera.

Next we will go outside to practise the things we just learned. If we are lucky, we will really see the auroras. On other case we will shoot stars or light paintings.


Lentuankoski talvipakkasella

Iso-Palonen full day hike

6 – 8 hours

light lunch on the campfire included | transport from Kuhmo center or Lentiira included

169 €/person

Visit beatiful Iso-Palonen hiking area with a local guide! We will hike 13 kilometers on an easy trail going around lakes. The landscape consists of old forests, lakes, beaches and eskers. In one spot we will see old structures from WW2.

There is a chance to spot signs of great predators like bear and wolf. We might also see different birds. Halfway to the tour we will stop on a fireplace to cook a light lunch. There is also a chance to go for a swim at our lunch spot!

This tour is perfect for anyone, who wants to spend full day in beautiful nature, and it has plenty of great places for photographers!

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